Sunday, May 30, 2010

Batanes…dios mavidin

My sister and I having been dreaming of going to Batanes for the longest time. And that finally came true when out of the blue we decided to see the annual travel and tour expo at SMX. Amidst the crowd, there's a huge banner from seair saying "Batanes tickets, buy one take one - one day sale". There's no arguing, we headed for the line and booked ourselves even without the slightest idea how are we going to survive Batanes on a really shoestring budget.

And so that day finally came. Soon as I stepped out of the plane, I believe I was trying very hard not to ripped my mouth from grinning too much. Basco air-stripped was facing the majestic Mt. Iraya (and that alone enough, made me happy). I have a feeling that this steeped mountain pretty much dominates the whole Batan landscape and wasn't I right. It was as if he had imposed himself as the island's watcher.

My sister and I stayed at Batanes Seaside Annex (irony, it has no sea at any of its side) but the room was clean and comfy enough so no complains about that. We were met by their famous manager Tita Lydia who wass so ever warm to their entire guest. She made sure we had a brunch and a little rest before we jump-start the tour. First stop was the charming little church of Tukon. It was so enchanting; I swear I wouldn't be surprised if the seven dwarfs decided to show up. It was just like something out from fairyland. After a few more shots, our guide cum driver, Kuya Narding showed as another site, the Tukon Radar Station. And here I had my first 360 degrees glimpsed of batanes. It was scorching hot but I didn't mind. Greens were everywhere, rolling hills, sea views, I was so dumbfounded, and all our guide can say was "intayin mo ang malboro" ("wait 'til Malboro"). Yeah, like this wasn't the best yet, it was just a preview of whats more to come. To help me get over Tukon, we headed to Valugan, or more popularly known to tourist as boulder beach. Its shore isn't made for swimming, but is sure is a perfect place to relax. I found my spot in one its cliffs that overhang giving me a pretty shade away from the sun. If Tukon Radar was feast for the eyes, boulder beach was a treat for the ears. With eyes closed, the perferct rythm of the waves crushing on those huge boulders and the sea breeze gently whispering it was more than enough to de-stress any intoxicated mind. Last stop was the Basco lighthouse at Naidi Hills. We did climed the lighthouse and as expected more scenic views, more steep cliffs and boulder strewn shores. It was actually a perfect way to end the day as we watched the sun slowly descends from our view. I seriously thought I was getting misty eyed.

I'm not a religious person, am a catholic only to some certain degree, but on these kind of sceneries, makes me believe that there really is someone out there greater than any of us, that can come up with such beauty beyond words can describe. I am more than happy and grateful to witness.

More to come. Until my next blog, it was a 5 days and 4 nights, we're you expecting me to put it all in one roll. :P


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  1. Batanes! YES! homahgahd!!! we wish we'd be able to go there soon, on a second honeymoon! Those pictures are awesome enough to convince us!


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